Turf Maintenance For Acreages & Estate Homes

Pattern, Presentation and Perfection


Turf Care will ensure that your estate property looks its best throughout the year allowing you to enjoy your prestine surroundings. Turf Care  understands that your life is busy and you want to do the things you want to do and not worry about cutting the lawn all weekend.

Turf Care can suggest and custom design a maintenance schedule that will keep your estate property in order and looking its best all season long.  Typically a lawn should be mowed at least once a week while it is activley growing and no more than one third of the grass blade removed each time to prevent stress to the grass plant.  In some cases depending on the size of the lot it is necessary to reduce visits to once every 2 weeks, this also occurs in very hot and dry summers unless an irrigation system is installed.

Your lawn deserves to look its best! We take pride in making your Estate property stand out looking the best it can, we will trim, mow, bag and blow off your driveway/sidewalks/decks etc. as needed each time we mow your lawn.

We keep the maintenance up on your lawn to preserve it's health and to give it a fresh groomed look each time we leave the  site.   Each week you will have a designated day to which we will give your lawn a polished look.  We do the little extra things that will make your lawn stand out!

Our John Deere professional equipment is well maintained and our blades are replaced or sharpened each week to give your lawn a straight cut.  Are units are equipped with striping rollers for added effect.

In summer when heat is severe and moisture is lacking, we can reduce frequency of visit per your request to bi-weekly or every three weeks should you desire.

Here is our basic cut & trim pricing layout:

Yes we trim hedges too, so please let customize a total maintenance package for you!


For the real lawn fanatic, step it up to the max...the perfect treatment package add on for the perfect lawn!






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