Residential Snow Removal

Residential Snow Removal Services from Turf CareTurf Care offers snow removal services for your residence. 

For those who simply dont have time in their busy lives to deal with the mess that winter can provide or for those whom can no longer do it themselves, Turf Care will ensure that your drive and walks are free from snow. Turf Care  understands that your life is busy and you want to do the things you need to do and not worry about clearning the snow from your driveway at 6AM. Let us look after this and more for you!


Snow will be removed after 3 inches of accumulation minimum.  

Sorry, No salt or traction aids are used on any drive or walk so be sure to apply this yourself if you desire.

Billing options: one time visit after the storm / or for multiple visits during the same day dependant on the requested time of initial clearing.


Dont take chances shovelling, just relax and let us take care of things for you, Its not worth the health risk.

Sorry, we only provide service for those whom have booked for the season, there is no on call or on demand service, due to the requirement of a schedule.  

Our equipment is well maintained and the paddles are rubber to eliminate scratching of decorative surfaces.  We only use top notch TORO equipment.



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