Grounds Maintenance For Town Homes, Community Developments

Turf Care Introduces Town Home Maintenance Services


We are pleased to announce that, we are now accepting town home and homeowner's associations for maintenance service contracts.



There is one thing we have come to realize through many site observations, and that is the current state of many, if not the majority of town home communites throughout Windsor-Essex Region are being inadequately serviced and or they lack visual appeal and overall turf health.  We believe this is due to improper mowing and maintenance technique and poor or non existing turf managment plans that have simply just gone on too long.  In many cases, the association has become "used to" or comfortable with the level of service and this can go overlooked for far too long, eventually causing damage to turf, not to mention money ill spent on contractors whom lack desire to perform.


We have decided that this opens up a new market for our already verified top notch maintenance and presentation skills which were until recently only used for individual residences and estate homes.  With our flawless maintenance services combined with our very sucessful treatment packages, we can take what we have done for many homeowners and apply this to your town home community or condominium to ultimately get them back on the path to beauty!


Some of the basic services offered:


Weekly Cut + Trim and Edging

Full Weed Control + Fertilizer and Crabgrass Supression

Hedge Trimming + Bed Weeding

Snow Removal on Driveways and Walks



Our professional equipment is well maintained and our blades are replaced or sharpened each week to give your lawns a straight cut.  Where possible units are equipped with striping rollers (groomers) for added effect.



If you are member of a homeowners association, a community development contractor and are just looking for a change of scenery, and better service for your current community or development give us a call to arrange a meeting, or click here

We will come out for a free site evaluation.


We are Commercially insured for your peace of mind.


     References Are

Available By Request. 



Please do not request a bid or submit your RFP if not prepared to award greater than $50 per unit per month for the contract, as it will be rejected.



Lets Make a Change Together!


Turf Care is proud to be a member of the Professional Lawn Care Association of Ontario.